Latest Oregon Sports Betting News

Lottery Commission Strategic Plan Says Sports Betting In Oregon Could Be A Reality By 2020

By Sierra Kennedy | May 31, 2019

The Oregon Lottery Commission’s long-term strategic plan indicates that the state was not only looking to implement a new virtual sports betting product in the near future but also that regulators have real sports betting lined up for a tentative 2020 rollout as well. Though a few of these details have just been released, but … Read more

SBTech Offered The Oregon Lottery Sports Betting Contract

By Michael Molter | April 19, 2019

SBTech has contracts with Churchill Downs, the Golden Nugget, and Resorts Casino. The Oregon Lottery would permit wagering online and in person. The contract allows for a sliding revenue scale over the next three to five years. SALEM, Ore. – In a memo sent to the Oregon Lottery Commissioners last week, some of the details … Read more

Oregon’s Pac-12 Universities Could Win Big If The State Legalized Sports Betting

By Daniel Borjas | May 31, 2018

Even though Oregon was one of the four states that was allowed to continue offering some form of sports betting even after the 1992 passage of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the Beaver State never really ran with that opportunity. Sure, there was the popular Sports Action product put out by the state … Read more


Critics Of A Possible Return To Sports Betting In Oregon

By Dillon Appleman | May 31, 2018

Oregon has a rather unique part to play in the drama unfolding seemingly by the day in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the longstanding Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. That’s because, unlike 46 states all over the country, Oregon was still legally able to offer some form of sports … Read more

Oregon State Lottery Spokesman Says State Could Start Offering New Sports Betting Options Soon

By Sierra Kennedy | May 31, 2018

Some rustlings of the planned release of a new option for sports betting in Oregon have started to make their way out of the Beaver State in the last few days. Oregon Lottery spokesman Chuck Baumann told local media that the state-sanctioned lotto had already directed its staff to develop a new “virtual sports betting … Read more