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Sports betting in Oregon has been around for longer than many people know. The state once approved a parlay-style wagering game that lasted only a few years before being threatened by the NCAA. In the subsequent years, a federal law known as PASPA was enacted and this banned all forms of state-operated sportsbooks with the exception of Nevada, Oregon, and two other states. As Oregon had undergone the threat of having no collegiate postseason tournament held in their state, they completely stopped offering the game and sports betting in Oregon was done… for a while.

Flash forward over twenty years to the present day and the talks about legal sports betting are all over the news. In Oregon’s case, they expanded on their previously established laws all due to the fact that PASPA was repealed by the Supreme Court. There are now tribal casinos that offer sports betting and the state lottery even has its own online sportsbooks available statewide. These are in addition to the online sportsbooks that have served OR residents before and after the repeal of PASPA. In this guide, you will learn about how the laws have changed to support Oregon’s gambling industry as well as a background for where to get started when looking to lay your money down.

Does Oregon Have Legal Land-Based Sports Gambling?

Yes, Oregon has land-based sportsbooks but they are not widely available. The only establishments that host land-based sports gambling in Oregon are tribal casinos. There have only been a couple of these venues that have taken advantage of the new laws and have started accepting sports bets. Those casinos are Chinook Winds Casino Resort and The Mill Casino. The real advantage of going to these places to bet on sports is the fact that they can offer odds on college sports whereas the lottery’s online platform doesn’t.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Oregon?

Oregon was one of the few states grandfathered-in during the PASPA years; therefore, their sports betting laws were never removed from the books. The Oregon Lottery is now in charge of mobile sports betting in the state, with their Scoreboard app. Keep in mind that regardless of state-licensed online options, using offshore betting sites is still legal and often better off. Not only will you find more wagering styles with better odds, but you will also face no restrictions such as Oregon’s books’ inability to accept wagers that are not submitted within state lines. With offshore books you can bet on sports online even if you happen to travel outside of the Beaver State. You can also bet on college sports including the Oregon Ducks football team. That’s something the state’s lottery platform still hasn’t offered since it launched in 2019.

Which Sports Betting Site Accept Oregon Residents?

Most of the highest-rated sports betting sites accept Oregon residents because the state doesn’t have any laws against the use of these online sports betting sites. Even though this is the case, it is still essential for new sports bettors to do their research to find websites that are safe, reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. There is obviously the state lottery site, but there are so many other online sportsbooks that accept OR residents that deserve your attention.

Every site is different, after all, and it might take a few tries to find the one that you want to deposit on. Fortunately, most of the big sites give new players big deposit bonuses and other perks through promotions and events. Once you find a site you think will work for you, feel free to sign up, submit a deposit, and start betting on sports without legal consequence.

Get The Facts About Legal Online Sportsbooks In Oregon

  • The Oregon Ducks And Portland Trailblazers are the most bet on teams in the state.
  • First time online sports bettors in Oregon are eligible for a bonus of up to $1000 when using the proper online sportsbooks.
  • You are able to bet on nearly every major sport on the planet from Oregon.

Bovada Sportsbook - #1 Oregon Sports Betting Site

Bovada Sportsbook

Oregon residents looking for a way to pass the time, and make some money on the side, should look into sports betting. Many worry that betting on sports is illegal, however the act of placing a bet is in no way illegal for the person making the wager. But, where can you bet that is reliable and not in conflict with Oregon's sports betting laws? The answer is simple - Bovada, the one site that has been allowing Oregonians to freely wager for more than 10 years.

When trying something new like sports betting in Oregon, why not start with the best? Bovada has been a part of the sports betting world for a long time, and during that time they have accrued all the bells and whistles that even the regulated online sportsbooks across-the-pond feature. Wrap up their industry leading features with great perks such as Bovada's mobile site and a revamped 50% sign up bonus, and the decision is clear...Bovada is the place to go when it comes to starting out or simply finding a new home to place sports wagers online.

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Tons Of Betting Lines For All Sports

SportsBetting Sportsbook

For some people in Oregon, finding the right sportsbook can be tough simply because they are unable to actually get money into their sports betting accounts. Having the funds to win big is useless unless residents use a sportsbook like SportsBetting, which has an extremely streamlined deposit system that allows transactions to go through very quickly. Popular ways to fund accounts include Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX cards, money orders, and cryptocurrency.

Joining today can have you see an extra $1000 enter your bankroll should you take advantage of their welcoming bonus. SportsBetting will match your first-ever deposit by 50% if you use the code SB1000 when asked. There is no reason not to take advantage of this, so be sure to check out this and the variety of other promotions on their webpage before getting started.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Boolster Your Bankroll With Large Deposit Bonuses

BetOnline Sportsbook

Oregon has long been a state full of trail blazers, people who set off on their own path and make their own future. Like those people, BetOnline is one of the Oregon online sportsbooks that wasn't afraid to take some risks, but it all must have paid off in the end because this is one place that users can bank on carrying through with all they promise plus a few added benefits along the way.

Offering a diverse amount of ways to bet, BetOnline is a notch above the rest when it comes to quality in the sports betting world. One of the areas where BetOnline excels is in the bonus department that is in charge of making sure that users always get their money's worth thanks to both a 50% initial deposit bonus as well as a 25% lifetime reload bonus. If you want to find out more about what sports and teams are available for wagering at BetOnline, be sure to click any of BetOnline's links or banners on this site.

Top Oregon Sports Betting Sites

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Other Types Of Gambling Available In Oregon

Oregon actually has a decent amount of gambling options. This includes a lottery, a few bingo halls, and almost 10 Native American casinos. These tribal casinos are spread throughout the state and forgo a number of laws due to land sovereignty. Some of the bigger ones include Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort, The Mill Casino & Hotel, Wildhorse Resort & Casino, and Chinook Winds Casino. There are a few more that may be on the way within the next few years. Though the only ones with regulated sports betting at the moment are The Mill and Chinook Winds.

Does Oregon Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Oregon does allow for pari-mutuel wagering, which is just another term for betting on horses/greyhounds. However, Portland Meadows is the only live thoroughbred horse racing facility in the state. It was opened in the mid-1940s and is slowly becoming a notable track in the US but you can find plenty more options online with sports betting sites. The ones we recommend all have horse betting odds as well as sports.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Oregon?

The legal gambling age in Oregon is 21 years old while the legal online gambling age at most major sportsbooks is just 18. That being said, players should adhere to the state law of 21 instead of the overseas gambling age. This will prevent you from getting into any trouble while gambling online and assures you a safe and painless gambling experience. Do not try to gamble while underage or you could be subject to fines, and maybe even be banned from the site you are attempting to use.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Oregon?

The teams to bet on in Oregon include the two major collegiate athletic programs at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. Both have highly recognizable football programs and have enjoyed success in other sports over the years as well. Keep in mind, you can’t bet on them using the state’s online sportsbook. Instead you’ll have to travel to a tribal casino or use an online offshore sportsbook. As far as professional sports are concerned, Oregon is home to the Portland Trailblazers of the NBA, and the Portland Timbers of the MLS. Between the two pro teams, they have enjoyed several championships and are two of the more relevant teams in their respective sports.

How To Read American Odds?

When looking at American odds, you will see that there are numbers that either has a + or a – in front of them. The minus indicates the favorite in a sporting event and the odds are the amount you need to bet to win $100 and the plus is usually the underdog where the odds are the actual amount you would win if you wagered $100. That is essentially the basics and now you should know how to read American odds so you will understand the betting lines at your preferred sportsbook.

Best Deposit Options For Large Wagers!

The best deposit option for large wagers has to be Bitcoin, which is offered by virtually all the best USA sportsbooks. Some sites even go so far as accepting other cryptocurrencies as well such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH. Nearly every site will have their highest maximum deposit (and lowest minimum deposit) set with cryptocurrency. Also, because this method does not go through US banks, you will not be subject to any problems from UIGEA. In short, UIGEA may block your credit card transaction, which is easily fixed by calling the cashier.