Review Of Bovada

The Beautiful and colorful state of Oregon is known for its love of college and professional sports, and the birthplace of the ingenious Nike logo inventor Carolyn Davidson. So where can residents go to find all the legal sports betting in Oregon? Bovada is a betting site that is refreshingly professional yet trendy, and quickly becoming the most popular betting site among the most avid of sports fans. Get all the best betting lines and odds for your favorite NFL and college football teams. Bovada will have you in awe at how unbelievably amazing their sports and betting sections are.

We should talk about a few things, and most are concerns that many of our Oregon members have at first. I am here to put your mind at ease. You want to know: if what you are doing is safe, or whether anyone has been in trouble for betting with this site, can you really trust this site, and that your money is safe. I know these are some of the same questions that I asked myself when I was looking for a sports betting site and why I ultimately chose to join Bovada. I will walk you through everything I have learned and researched and try my very best to answer all these questions fully and responsibly.

Is Bovada A Legal Sports Betting Site?

Bovada SportsbookBovada is in Quebec, Canada the home to our maple leaf neighbors. The reason that it is legal for you to wager at this site is because the sanctions and federal regulations of the US are not the laws of the land in Canada, which is to say Canada is out of US jurisdiction. According to law, US citizens can legally wager on sports betting sites such as Bovada, and not be afraid of any legal repercussions.

The Wire Act of 1961 passed to keep sports events, and players safe from the evil-doings of criminals. For a time sports betting was rotten with criminal activity and caused a lot of damage, so officials passed this law to make transactions of monies and gambling particulars over wire communications to different states restricted. This law worked for a while but soon a new age dawned and the internet was in full blossom. Now, most people that bet on sports think it’s unfair and outdated because they didn’t even have the internet in the 60’s. This law as it stands only affects sports betting that is transferring information so this means that if you live in New Jersey then you would have to bet in New Jersey and not in any other state. Since Bovada is outside of the US, this law doesn’t apply to it.

You should probably know that the legal betting age for the state of Oregon is 18 years of age. Bovada accepts players to its legal sportsbook that are 18 years or older. I am telling you this, because sometimes other states are hazy with this information or sites that are not Bovada are not clear on their age limits. So, as long as you are 18 you are within your legal rights to use Bovada.

Has Anyone Been Arrested For Using Bovada?

Sports betting in the US might be restricted, but as far as I could find out, no arrests were made for using Bovada’s legal sportsbook in Oregon. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act aka PASPA passed in 1992. This law defined the perimeters of sports betting in the US. PASPA wanted to forbid most of the states, with the exception of a few, from any sports betting. It was first imposed on the states to deter persons from using sports betting in an unlawful and untrustworthy way. This was aimed at criminals that used sports betting for illicit reason, not at the law-abiding public.

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Can Oregon Residents Trust Bovada?

This legal sports betting site has been serving Canada, and the US for twenty years, as well as most of the rest of the world that has an appreciation for sports and betting on them. You would think that if Bovada were not legit people would have figured that out by now. In the modern times we live in, and with everyone and his or her mother having internet, someone would have something to gripe about. Fortunately, this is not the case with this beloved site.

Is My Money Safe When I Make A Deposit At Bovada?

Yes, it is certainly safe to make a deposit at Bovada. Oregon residents have trusted their deposits with this betting site for 20-plus years, and nothing has changed. Sure, you want to be reassured that you are making the right choice and getting value out of your purchase. Bovada has literally millions of happy players, veteran sports bettors that have been with this site from its inception. Many of these happy players are from Oregon, which has some of the highest memberships out of all the states. I think Oregon residents love this site so much, because they have been to the land-based casinos and decided this was the much better option. I mean I have been to those grossly expensive, grungy old casinos too. I do not blame people for trusting this site over that, I know that I do. It is not just how much the nasty food is, or the reinterred stale air, or even the stained up, broken chairs and stools. It’s that when you go up to the cashier and hand her $100 and she turns around and gives you that in chips it just looks so miniscule that it is somewhat disheartening. When you go to the cashier at Bovada and give them your deposit, that deposit can come back in double the chips, because this site has bonuses out the yin yang. Betting with Bovada, you don’t have to worry about bad expensive food, moldy smells, or questionable seating options. You are in the comfort of your own castle, not someone else’s, and at least the track lighting works.

Bovada Deposits Option For Oregon Players

Here’s how easy it is to make your first deposit with Bovada. Go to the home page and click on the join now button, fill out the simple form, add your deposit method information, bam you are done. Oregon residents prefer to use their credit cards for deposit transactions so here are a few things that you need to know. This site accepts Visa and MasterCard. Once a deposit is made with a card it goes through rapidly, seconds at tops. There is a limit on what the minimum amount is that you can deposit into your account and that is $25. There is a maximum amount that you can use for a deposit too and it is $1000. Fees do apply to deposits, but your first deposit has no fee. See, it’s painless to make a deposit, but you should get two flicks for flinching.

I mentioned the bonuses above and I know you want to know more so here we go. To get the $250 welcome bonus, you just have to make your first deposit. You can use this bonus on all the sports betting that you want. There is 5x rollover for this bonus. I am sure you have friends and family members that love to bet on sports too. Well, if you get them to join Bovada you qualify for another great bonus and that is the refer-a-friend bonus. You will get 200% of your friend or family members first deposit added to your account. This is an unlimited bonus and you can have as many of your special sports betting buddies and crazy family members join as you want and reap all the benefits. There are more bonuses available on this site than I have mentioned here. They provide bonuses for every section of the site, for sports, poker, etc. and offer seasonal bonuses and promotions all of which are located on the Bovada promotions page.

What Special Features Does Bovada Offer?

Bovada supplies its players with a way to take their sports betting wherever they choose, with mobile betting. You can get all the current betting lines from all major sports events, or games. Change your wagers on teams and players based on their ability to perform, or not perform. The mobile betting feature is free and you will not have to download anything. Do you need to manage your account? You can do that with mobile betting. Do you want to make a deposit or request a withdrawal? It’s a snap with mobile betting. In-game live betting is another feature that sports fans can use. Access is available through the sportsbook, and makes watching a game way more fun.